A decentralized liquidity platform for digital media markets

Paperchain allows digital media owners to turn their future media transaction revenue into low-cost, working capital. Media investors can access a marketplace of validated transaction revenue from a global network of trusted and recognized brands.

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What is Paperchain?

Paperchain aggregates digital media transaction data to create asset classes that can be monetized on a decentralized liquidity marketplace, delivering cost-effective and immediate cash flow.

Decentralized Liquidity Marketplace

Paperchain’s decentralized liquidity marketplace allows digital media companies to package their future media receivables into tradable asset classes and sell them to a global investment network. Access immediate cash flow based on future media receivables while preserving full ownership of rights and revenue streams.

Business-wide sales intelligence

View historical and future media transaction revenue by connecting retail and service provider data feeds. Understand your company’s media data beyond surface-level stream or impression data and generate ROI reports across all sales and distribution channels. Overlay sales data with social, demographic, advertising and credit data to gain granular insight into your media value.

Automated business process

Paperchain's smart contract layer connects a Digital Media Company’s assets to its core business functions, streamlining operations, lowering costs and liabilities across the enterprise. Automate the flow of contract data for a given asset, from the onset of contract creation through to business planning, marketing, retail delivery, data collection, payment distributions and end-run royalty reporting.

Creating liquidity. Enabling growth. Lowering Liability.


Immediate access to low-cost capital

Immediate investment in new or underutilized revenue streams

ROI reporting at media asset level


Use of high interest-bearing loans and credit lines

Cash flow challenges

Administrative overhead

Creating secondary market opportunities

Why Paperchain?

Media money moves too slow. Under existing pay cycles, much needed capital remains unavailable and crucial business data is largely inaccessible and unutilized. Digital media companies often miss out on acquisition and growth opportunities and are forced to pay high interest rates and fees for much needed cash flow. Media transaction data, such as stream or impression data, is available in real-time but goes largely unutilized in support of core business processes, in particular liquidity.


Daniel Dewar

Founder, CEO

Rahul Rumalla

Co-founder, CTO

Dave Tomaselli

Co-founder, CBO

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