The music industry’s digital supply chain is broken


unidentified rights owners


in global unpaid
music royalties


new unidentified cases
added every month

When music gets played, it generates a royalty.

However not all royalties get paid to the artists, songwriters or the correct rights owner due to identification issues.

When rights owners are unidentified, the unpaid royalties are held for a period of time before being dispersed back into the industry.

Of the music industry's $26bn royalties revenue, $2.5bn is held in royalty black boxes.

In most cases, rights owners are unaware their catalog has unpaid royalties.

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paperchain music royalties flow

Paperchain connects labels and publishers with their unattributed and unpaid royalties.

A solution for the modern music industry

A royalty black box solution

Paperchain provides a rights data exchange platform for labels, publishers, rights organizations and service providers.

Labels and publishers are able to identify their catalog's unpaid royalties and start earning full catalog earning potential.

Rights organizations and service providers can make unidentified titles easily searchable and available to labels and publishers through the Paperchain platform.

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